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Author Guest Post: Pixie Lynn Whitfield (Author of "Darkness Comes This Way")

I'm super excited to have the lovely Pixie Lynn Whitfield here on the blog today as a part of her blog tour for her debut novel, "Darkness Comes This Way". Be sure to check at the bottom of this post for links to her book and blog(s), as well as the link for the next stop on the blog tour! Now on to the fun stuff!


What I Share and Don’t Share With My Characters
By Pixie Lynn Whitfield

So, there’s a common question nowadays among all writers from readers once their book is read:

Did you craft your MC or any of your characters after you? 

Here’s a simple answer on behalf of Darkness Comes This Way: No.

I didn’t.

It doesn’t mean though that I didn’t happen to craft Zarah or any of the others with some similar personality traits. It happens. And yes, she’s also a redhead like myself, but a different shade of red, so let’s just get that out of the way now. Her hair is a much darker shade. Mine is light, probably more strawberry, hers is dark--perhaps almost a dark brown with reddish hues. Dark auburn. Get it? Haha. This was how I envisioned her. Writers can be a bit crazy. When we say our characters pick their own voice, style, etc., it’s true.

So, what do I share and don’t share with Zarah?

Zarah is a bit on the shorter side. So am I. But, she’s still taller than me, so she gets points for that. She’s very crafty and makes awesome things like homemade gloves and duster jackets and cross-stitches. Well…I know how to cross-stitch. But not very good. And it’s a bit boring actually. I’m also crafty, but not near that crafty. I can’t sew for crap. I can barely sew on buttons. Yes, I’m terrible. My craft-work mostly lies in wood-working (wood burning images), homemade bookmarks, journals, and some painting.

She also kicks a lot of ass, okay? I’m a tough cookie if I need to be but I couldn’t professionally box. I know how to shoot guns though, so I guess I share that common knowledge with her. And we both love fast, pretty cars and good rock music. I do not like her “messy” lifestyle. She calls it “chaotically organized”. Whatever. She can be a bit lazy.

Last but not least, I most definitely do not drink blood.

At least, you hope not, right? 

Thanks for having me at your blog, Taylor!

With all the love,


Thanks so much for the wonderful post Pixie!

Be sure to visit her authors blog: Pixie Lynn Whitfield and also check out her book blog: The Bookaholic.

You can follow her on Twitter: @addiction2books, and you can also find her on Goodreads and add Darkness Come This Way to your TBR lists!

Also be sure to check out the next stop on the blog tour over at Kayla's blog: Kismet Kayla on June 15th!!


Happy reading lovelies!!

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