My Review Policy

My reviews basically consist of my thoughts, and feelings about the book I’m reviewing. I don’t include any spoilers in my reviews because I would hate to give something crucial away and ruin a book for someone else. Everything I post in my review is my honest opinion, so there may be times when some books don’t get a high rating from me. When I review a book that doesn’t get a high rating, I simply point out the areas of the book that I wasn’t crazy about and explain why I felt that way about them, but there is never any kind of author bashing/insulting in my reviews.

The genres that I read most often include:


~Fantasy (Urban/Modern)

~Historical Fiction
~Paranormal Romance

(I'm just now easing into the Horror

genre, and I'm so glad I did because I've found some books that I've really loved.)

Although these are the genres I read most often, I do venture out and read books from other genres as well. With any genre, it ultimately depends on whether the storyline interests me or not, if it does then most likely I’ll read it.

I give books a rating between 1-5 stars:

1. Star would mean I hated it. It’s definitely not common for a book to get this low of a rating from me.

2. Stars would mean that it wasn’t extremely memorable and wasn’t something that captured a specific interest of mine, but others may find it to their liking.

3. Stars is basically an average rating. When I say average I mean, it was a good read and I’ll still recommend it to other readers who enjoy that genre, but there were some nitpicks and issues I had with the story, I usually include them in my review and explain the reason why.

4. Stars means it was an excellent read and I loved it, and will re-read and recommend often.

5. Stars means it was an incredible and outstanding read that will live long in my mind. It will definitely be added to my favorites list, and will also be a book that I constantly re-read and recommend to others.

Sometimes I do give a book “half star” ratings when I’m on the fence and it’s somewhere in between two ratings. There are also times when I'll review a DNF (Did Not Finish) book on my blog. I know some people disagree about whether bloggers should review a DNF book because of the simple fact that they didn't finish the whole thing. But if I do review a DNF book I only give my opinion on the part of the book that I actually read and then state the reason why I did not/couldn't finish it. 

I post my reviews on my Goodreads account as well as on my blog, I also post the links to my reviews on Twitter. All of the books I review on my blog are books I have purchased myself, unless stated otherwise. That said, I do accept free ARC's from publishers, authors, ect. and sometimes win books in giveaways being held by other book bloggers. As well as books I check out from my local library. But I don’t accept any type of compensation or payment for my reviews/promotion of these books.