Thursday, January 5, 2012

Follow Friday #27


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Q: Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

A. *Sigh*.... It seems I've been found out. The number of unread books on my shelf would be 26, and that's not counting a few galleys on my computer from Netgalley, or the library books I have checked out to read lol.

I always have a never ending stack of unread books because I buy a few whenever I have the money to spare, and I'm always checking out books from the library. So even though I make my way through them, I still always have more waiting to be read.

Happy Friday lovelies!



  1. That's not too bad I have so many books on my kindle its ridiculous. I prefer physical copies, but its cheaper on Kindle.

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  2. I also have a ridiculous amount of books on my Kindle and from the library, but my actual shelf isn't so bad. Worse than yours though... :) New follower, check me out at:

  3. Hopping through. Thanks to the library I always have more books than I can read. I need to read the books I own though.
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  4. I used to have a much smaller number of unread books on my bookshelf. Never such a small number that I felt limited though. Now it is HUGE and it actually stresses me out more than when I had fewer. Go figure.

  5. Okay not feeling bad with my number 52. It seems a lot of people have 100+ and a few 1000+. Not sure if it's good or bad to have a low number or high number! It goes both ways I guess!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  6. I had to count my egalley list, which really brought my number up! New follower :)

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  7. That's a great number! At least you have a little variety to choose from no metter what you are in the mood to read.
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  8. That's really not too bad. Some people have numbers climbing towards 100!

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  9. I'm the same way. I'll never catch up!

  10. I didn't count library books OR e-books either...sometimes it makes me really happy to see all the unread books...and other times I just can't believe it! :)

    Happy Follow Friday!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope to get my pile down to a reasonable number like that sometime soon! Happy reading!


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