Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Early Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Although waking up early in the morning isn't always my favorite thing to do, watching the sunrise is something I absolutely love. Everything is quiet and peaceful, the colors are gorgeous, and I have time to think and actually hear my own thoughts lol. Living in a house with as many people as I do, those quiet moments where you can just sit and think are few and far between.

While I was watching the sunrise this morning I started thinking about how I would have loved to be able to paint the scene. I used to really be into art and painting, I took lessons for years when I was younger and I absolutely loved it.

I've done some odd sketches here and there, but its been a little over two years since I've picked up a paint brush and actually painted a real picture. And I believe it's high time to start doing it again, so I'm planning on going this week to get some art supplies :)

My skills might be a bit rusty at first but I'm sure I'll get into he swing of it again pretty quickly :)


On another note, I'm out of school this week for Spring Break (which was much needed by the way :p)
When I go back to school I'll only have three more weeks of the Spring semester to go. Then I'll have one more semester this Summer, and by the end of July I'll be graduating. I really do like school, but July can't come fast enough lol. But on the other hand, I'm really looking forward to the classes I'll be taking this Summer :)


As a last thought, my birthday is coming up really soon. Only five more days, then I'll be putting all the teen years behind me. I'm pretty excited to be moving on with life :D

Since I don't usually splurge on myself I believe some book shopping is in order :)


Today's Quote to Ponder:

"Some might think that the creativity, imagination, and flights of fancy that give my life meaning are insanity."  

~Vladimir Nabokov 


  1. Painting is awesome. I used to paint, too. I'm more into sketching and pencil drawings, though. Charcoal especially. :)
    And yay for the birthday!! :)


  2. I adore Charcoal :D I haven't done a drawing with it in awhile though. I really need to get back into doing art :) Although I'm better at nature and animal drawings than people lol.



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