Friday, November 18, 2011

Follow Friday #20

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Q: Letter to Santa: Tell Santa what books you want for Christmas!

A. Well there are quite a few books I've been dying to get for a long time now, as it seems my TBR list is never ending because I'm constantly adding more and more books to it lol. 

But I believe these books are the ones that are at the top of my "absolutely-can't-wait-to-get" list :)

Happy Friday lovelies!


  1. I really want Sweet Venom and Ultraviolet, new follower, here's mine

  2. OOh nice!! I absolutely LOVED 13 to Life!! I'm a little obsessed with the series now! :P

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Hopping through. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was so wonderful. I really want to read Sweet Venom and Shatter Me.
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  4. Fantastic choices! I started reading Shatter Me this morning, and I'm in LURVE. It's even better than everyone's been saying.

    And I love Across The Universe like I love air and music and moving and breathing--it's amazing. Except for the 'frexing' excuses for swear words :D

  5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was amazing and Across the Universe was really good as well! I wasn't a huge fan of Carrier of the Mark - it was eerily similar to Twilight.

    New GFC Follower :)

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  6. Amazing list! Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Sweet Venom, Across the Universe and Shatter Me are awesome! I hope you get to read them soon!
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  7. Hey Taylor, I just got my copy of Awake At Dawn yesterday and now I'm dying to get to it, I already have three books on the go lol. New follower ;)
    Tristan @ Reads With Wreckless Abandon

  8. Hello, new follower here. I've not heard of your book choices but finding new books is one of the reasons I love book blogs! If you'd like to pay me a visit I'm over at:

  9. love all your book choices!! i'm a new follower, have a great weekend!!

  10. New Follower!

    I really hope Santa grants you your wish!

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  11. Oh this is a Great list! Both Shatter Me and Smoke and Bone are awesome and you will love them! :D

    Xpresso Reads

  12. Your blog looks awesome! I'm a new follower.
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  13. Hopping through. I really, really want to read Ultraviolet! :) I hope you enjoy DoSAB when you get to read it. It's awesome! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Pam | jellylovesbooks

  14. Great choices.
    I hope you get them all from Santa.
    Thanks for stopping by and I'm following back.
    Happy reading.


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